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Linda Perry’s column: Talking to Families

Friday 19 January 2018

In my role as Director of Children’s Services, there are some things that I do which can be very difficult, and some things which are easier.

The part I always enjoy the most though, is speaking to the families. It can be very humbling. Whenever I am feeling stressed, frustrated or cross about something, I think about how wonderful the families we care for are.

When I am tired and putting my feet up after a busy day at work, I think of the families who may never have a good night’s sleep.

Listening to all they do on a normal day, really helps put minor grumbles into perspective.

The care they tirelessly provide, the many medications they have to administer, the prolonged periods of time away from the rest of their family if their child is in hospital.

Often parents have to provide care for their child even when in hospital, as many hospital staff unfortunately don’t have the experience or training in caring for a child with very complex needs.

So for these parents, the only break they get is when their child comes to stay at Chestnut Tree House, or when our Community Team supports the family each month in their own home.

The families say such lovely things about the staff, it makes me feel very proud that Chestnut Tree House is able to make such a difference.

Linda Perry is Director of Children’s Services at Chestnut Tree House.
Her column is published every Wednesday in the West Sussex Gazette.
This column was first published on Wednesday 14 June 2017.