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A gift in your Will

A gift in your Will - a personal view

Leaving a gift in your Will to Chestnut Tree House – a personal view.


“I first became aware of the marvellous service provided by Chestnut Tree House when a friend told me about the work of the hospice in helping to improve the lives of very sick children.

Before then I knew very little about the day-to-day work of hospices and thought they were somewhere for old people – I didn’t know that children’s hospices existed. I had the opportunity to see the beautiful facilities at Chestnut Tree House during one of their open days and, from chatting to their nurses, it soon became obvious that here was a very special and caring place.

What surprised me was that Chestnut Tree House was, in essence, just like a real house with lots of fun and laughter. Of course, there are sad times when a child dies, but the nurses give wonderful support to the family and each other to get through such distressing days.

The nurses are incredibly dedicated and very special people who genuinely care for the children and their families. To them it is more than just a job. I was surprised as well when the nurses told me they help the whole family – Mum, Dad, brothers, sisters and even grandparents.

All of this care really does give these families the opportunity to recharge their batteries by having a few days break from what must be an incredibly demanding time caring for their sick child. I don’t know what they would do if Chestnut Tree House wasn’t there.

So when the time came to make my Will I decided that I would leave the majority of my money in the form of  a charity legacy gift. Having seen at first hand the work of Chestnut Tree House I decided that I would like to see it benefit after I have gone. It was important that my gift would make a difference and would not be squandered and Chestnut Tree House gave me the confidence that it would be used wisely. I have never liked to see children suffer and thought this would be an ideal way of continuing to help local children.

I went to see my solicitor who drafted my Will having taken into account my wishes. I thought this might be very complicated, but actually it was very easy and straightforward and didn’t cost as much as I thought it would. I was also delighted when my solicitor told me that by making a gift in my Will to Chestnut Tree House it would reduce – or even avoid – Inheritance Tax.

It was a lovely feeling when I signed my Will and left the solicitor’s office knowing that I didn’t have to worry about my estate. I was content that after I have gone, through Chestnut Tree House, I can continue to help give these special children the best life I can.

Chestnut Tree House keeps me informed about their work through their regular newsletter and I know I can always visit them during their open days. And even though I have left them a gift in my Will, I still send a donation when I am able to.”