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Pay for a Day: Club Carrera

Saturday 13 October 2018

The cost of all care services at Chestnut Tree House on 13 and 14 October have been paid for by Club Carrera.

Club Carrera Jonathan Trees, Founder of Club Carrera said, “Quite a few years ago I was a driver on a Peter Saywell charity day, and he had chosen Chestnut Tree House as the charity for his day. I was taking people round the track in my car and I got chatting to my next passenger, a teenage girl.

“Where are you from?” I asked, and she replied “I’m from the House”. I didn’t understand…, “Which house?” to which she answered “Chestnut Tree House… I’m not very well.”

She carried on chatting about the car when we had time, but she was a little quieter on the corners! When we stopped she thanked me very much, hopped out of the car and disappeared.

I was lost for words for some time. My eyes were filling with tears the more I thought about how brave she was, getting on and enjoying her time, rather than complaining about the cards she’d been dealt. I also felt very fortunate about my own children’s good health.

The next day I did some research into how much money Chestnut Tree House needs each year, and decided to contribute when I could.Club Carrera1

But it was whilst chatting with the two other founding-organisers, Andrew and Tony that made the idea into a plan. We copied Peter’s model of running a charity track-day, but expanded it into a One-Marque-Meet as well. Petrolheads need only a little excuse to want to drive and meet & chat, so enabling them to contribute to a charity at the same time is a small step”.

Everyone at Chestnut Tree House would like to say a most grateful thank you all involved in Club Carrera for their generosity and support.