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Pay for a Day: Mark and Fiona Hutchinson

Friday 1 May 2020

Friday 1 May is Mark and Fiona Hutchinson’s Day. A day of Chestnut Tree House’s care has been paid for by Mark and Fiona as a tribute to their daughter, Rowena.

“Chestnut Tree House has a really special place in our hearts” explain Mark and Fiona. “It means the world to our family. 

13 years ago, Rowena who was nine was diagnosed with a rare form of Cancer – a rhabdomysarcoma – and our lives changed. On Christmas Eve 2007, we were in Great Ormond Street, being discharged at 6pm to go home with Rowena having had a biopsy, a Hickman line fitted, and her first cycle of chemotherapy. From then until the following June it was a cycle of despair and agony.  However, in June we were introduced to Chestnut Tree House, and a community nurse called Helen came out to give us respite care. Rowena had just finished radiotherapy and was starting on her final cycles of chemotherapy which made her really sick. She was on 28 different doses of medicine and could not be left without specialist care.  Helen was an angel to us and Rowena adored her.  She was the only person who we could happily leave Rowena with, in order to spend a few hours with our other children.  

Since then, we always say thank you to Chestnut Tree House. It was the saving grace to us at a bleak time in our lives. Rowena is now in full remission and is thriving. She is currently studying Fine Art at Edinburgh University, continuing her journey to be an artist. We shall never forget what Chestnut Tree House did for us and continues to do for many other families. Which is why we are very happy to pay again for a day of Chestnut Tree House’s care services.”

£6,850 needs to be raised every single day to pay for all Chestnut Tree House’s care services, both at the hospice and in families’ own homes and, in these unprecedented times is needed more than ever.

Everyone at Chestnut Tree House would like to say a heartfelt thank you to Mark and Fiona Hutchinson for supporting local children and families. Without the generosity of our community, local hospice care wouldn’t be possible – now or in the future. Thank you.