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Meet Helen, Team Leader at Chestnut Tree House.

Tuesday 19 May 2020

Meet Helen. Helen is a Team Leader at Chestnut Tree House.

A big part of my role is supporting the team of amazing care support workers and nurses who provide such wonderful care on a daily basis to children and their families” says Helen. “Each and every one of them brings something very special to Chestnut Tree House.”

Helen has been at Che3. Helen, Team Leaderstnut Tree House for over 13 years now and says that on her very first day she knew that was exactly where she was supposed to be. “I remember the moment I walked through the doors the sense of calm, love and compassion alongside fun, friendship and colour. The House is in the most beautiful of woodland surroundings.”

And 13 years later, my favourite part of my role is still ensuring that every child or young person I nurse is given opportunities to experience new things in life. Something they may have never had access to before. This could be as simple as painting nails, listening to a story under the shade of the biggest oak tree, wandering through the woodland walks knocking on fairy doors, swimming for the first time in the warmth of the hydro pool, allowing family time together away from the 4 walls of a hospital. This is my reward as much as theirs. Just to see them smile, laugh, and simply relax.”