Pay for a Day: Mike Holland

The costs of all care services at Chestnut Tree House on 8 July 2021 have been paid for by Mike Holland.

This is why he has chosen to Pay for a Day:

Mike said: “Many years ago, I lost my son Brian aged 13 to cancer and sadly did not have the help of a hospice. If I had, then many of the challenges my family faced afterwards, could have been alleviated. There was so little support or understanding about the need to grieve and also how vital counselling is for the whole family.”

“I want to make sure that families in Sussex have all the support they possibly can get when faced with the devastating news that a son, daughter, brother or sister is not going to reach adulthood. Chestnut Tree House provides happiness and comfort from the family’s first visit to the very last day of the child’s life. The child’s remaining days are filled with love and joy, giving their parents the memories that will last for the rest of their lives.”

£6,850 needs to be raised every single day to pay for all Chestnut Tree House’s care services, both at the hospice and in families’ own homes and, in these unprecedented times is needed more than ever. It is Mike’s goal to encourage as many individuals and companies to also pay for a day to help Chestnut Tree House continue its vital work.

From everyone at Chestnut Tree House, thank you so much to Mike for his continued and generous support.