Rolls-Royce and Goodwood offer support

This is a photograph of 26-year-old Harley Salter and his mum Vanessa outside Goodwood House, just before they set off in a Rolls-Royce Ghost to experience Goodwood’s famous Hillclimb on Sunday 8 August. Rolls-Royce named Chestnut Tree House their House Charity earlier this year and are supporting us in a number of ways during 2021.


The unique experience marked the end of Harley’s Alinkerlympics fundraising challenge, which has raised over £1,100 for Chestnut Tree House.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to Harley, and to Rolls-Royce and Goodwood for helping to organise this special morning for an inspirational young man. Children’s hospice care is only possible due to support from individuals, groups and businesses in our local community. Individuals just like Harley, and businesses like Rolls-Royce and Goodwood.

Harley’s Alinkerlympics took place between 23 July and 7 August, after an Opening Ceremony with Olympic gold medallist, Sally Gunnell OBE on 20 July.

Supported by his Mum, Harley took on a different set of Olympic-themed challenges each day using his Alinker walking bike. Challenges ranged from a 23.4k Alinker road cycling challenge to athletics, archery, karate and football.

Harley is a Symes amputee, and the Alinkerlympics Opening Ceremony also marked the third anniversary of having his foot amputated due to a congenital birth defect that severely impacted his mobility. As well as a fundraising challenge, the Alinkerlympics was a celebration of how far he has come.