Get ready to soar through the skies while helping local children with life-threatening and life-limiting illnesses and their families. With breath-taking 130mph top speeds and stunning views, nothing will bring you closer to the skies than a wing walk!

What is a Wing Walk?

A wing walk is an exhilarating adventure where you're safely attached to the front a biplane and taken up into the skies. You'll have a full safety briefing before hand, and get to meet the pilots who'll be taking you up. There's also viewing areas for friends and families to come and cheer you on. You'll be in the skies for a full 10 minutes of pure airborne freedom!

For the very adventurous there's also the option to take a thrill seeking loop the loop wing walk. You'll need to have done a wing walk before taking on this daring feat - but you have the option to book the normal wing walk and loop the loop all in one day if you're just a beginner.

How it works: 

Wing Walks run between April and October. So you’ll be able to select a date that suits you best!

  • There’s several wing walks to choose from at different airfields across the South. Browse here to find the perfect Wing Walk for you.
  • Once you’ve selected the one for you – you’ll need to choose between different fundraising options (fundraising or self-funded).
  • Choose ‘Chestnut Tree House’ when you select a charity from the drop down list.
  • Let us know when you’re booked in and we’ll send you a fundraising pack and can help you fundraise as much as possible.

Why take part?

By raising £1000 in sponsorship you're doing something incredible! Your donation could be used to fund:

💛 A day at the hospice for a child to have fun while being cared for.
💛 A nurse to support 4 families following the death of their child, helping them to plan the funeral and to say their final goodbyes.
💛 Nine home visits to children in their own homes so that parents can go out for dinner, enjoy a day out with friends, or just catch up on a few hours’ sleep.

See where your fundraising goes

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