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Thoughts from staff, young people and family members. We’re covering a range of topics that we think you’ll find useful, plus inspiring stories and topics we’re really passionate about. You can find out more about what we do as a local charity children’s hospice – and current research and up to date advice.

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Image at chestival - of a family having fun
Helping families to support each other
We have a lot of experts working at Chestnut Tree House. But sometimes, the best person to help is someone who’s been through it themselves. That’s why we are running more events for bereaved and non-bereaved families to meet and share their experiences
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What it’s like having an autistic child
"My son is an amazing little boy, and I know with the right support he will grow into an amazing young man. I will do everything in my power to ensure he achieves the success that he deserves. I will forever be his advocate when he cannot verbalise his needs."
A group of Chestnut Tree House staff - posing on a slide.
What happens when young people outgrow children’s hospice care?
Anna - Director of Children's Services, shares information about how children transition from child services into adult services, and how we support young people and families in this process.
Image of a montage of chestnut tree image with our 21 anniversary logo on it - reading: 21 years of care for children and families
What advances have been made in children’s hospice care in the past 21 years?
Anna - Director of Children's Services, shares her experience of how children's palliative care has changed, and how Chestnut has adapted to these essential changes.
Nicola’s blog
“I like to go out and do things without my mum and dad, and one of the only times that happens is when I’m at Chestnut Tree House. Going to Chestnut feels like I’m going somewhere by myself which is cool.”
Image of a montage of chestnut tree image with our 21 anniversary logo on it - reading: 21 years of care for children and families
Our 21st Anniversary
This year is a very special year in the history of Chestnut Tree House, as throughout 2024, we will be marking 21 years since we opened our doors.
Image of Jess and her mum
Jess’s story
"I remember our first visit like it was yesterday. Everyone was so friendly, and the facilities were amazing. All the other children and families looked happy, and no one was treated any differently."
Nora’s story
"Before Chestnut Tree House, there was no one else who could look after Nora when she’s not at school. It’s not fair to leave her with family members because she needs constant care."
Image of a child hugging an adult
How to support a grieving child
We want to reassure parents that every person’s grief is individual and unique. There is no right or wrong way of reacting to a sad event. But we also try to encourage parents to be open and honest with their child.
Image of a Nurse holding hands with a parent
Supporting families after the death of a child
Meet Claire, whose role involves helping parents and carers when they experience a bereavement and helping the whole family through the emotional impact of the death of a child.
Emma, the family's Chestnut nurse, with Nellie
Nellie’s story
"I feel a great duty to giving her the most beautiful, joyful, normal life. A life filled with love and adventure. And with the help our local children’s hospice, Chestnut Tree House, we can do just that."
Montage images of Tyler. In the hospice with a tube in his nose (left) and outdoors having fun with llamas (right)
Tyler’s story
"Our family needs support we can rely on. And like every family, we need fun too. Chestnut makes both possible."

Our family stories

Read our family stories to see how Chestnut Tree House has impacted the lives of so many. All have come directly from our wonderful families who have shared their experience of caring for a child with a life-limiting illness.

Family stories

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We provide hospice services to children and young people across East and West Sussex and South East Hampshire. Every year we support 300 children with life-limiting conditions to live their lives to the fullest. From day trips out and activities at the House, specialist care in their own homes and providing families with short breaks and support.

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