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There are so many ways you can get involved and support Chestnut Tree House


Before you head out, here are some educational articles which will hopefully provide the answers to some of the questions you may have.


Planning a 10k running route

Planning a 10k route can seem like a big job, especially when it’s further than you’re used to venturing. It can be difficult to keep track of how far you’ve travelled, so we would always recommend creating a route map to guide you along the way. There’s lots of helpful websites online to help you plan a safe and exciting route – all with a click of a button!

Using Route Shuffle, you can start from anywhere you like to create a circular route, meaning you’ll always be sure to end where you started (and also means it won’t be tempting to stop halfway if you end up looping back past your own front door on the way!)


The Countryside Code

Being out in nature and spending time in the countryside is not only good for your mental health, but your physical health too.

We are so fortunate to live right next door to the South Downs National Park, and to be able to enjoy all that it offers, whether that’s taking part in an event or using it as part of your training routine.

However, we all have a part to play in looking after our wonderful surroundings, and a responsibility to keep it preserved for future generations to enjoy.

The Countryside Code is something we learn about at school but there is no harm in reminding yourself of it!


Paths vs. Bridleways

Just like roads, the countryside has many paths that allow us to access amazing places. Although, it can be all too easy to become confused over what path or bridleway is accessible to you as a walker, runner or cyclist.

To help avoid any mishaps you can use the simple guide from Ordnance Survey to enhance your knowledge on which path to take and also improve your map reading skills at the same time. Any time you spend outside should be the best time possible!


Avoid injury when gardening

Gardening is such an enjoyable pastime, with so many of us getting out in whatever green space we can to get down and dirty with nature! You don’t necessarily have to have a garden to enjoy plants. A window box, balcony or even indoor plants can all bring joy.

Believe it or not, the physical effort of tending plants can put a strain on your back, and that is something we all want to avoid. How can you avoid that achy back?

Well, we may have the answer, read more here.


Nobody wants to be known as a litterbug!

You know what it’s like, having a day trip out in the countryside, a chance to enjoy the fresh air, escape the working week or visiting somewhere new. You spend time working out your itinerary, making sure you know where you are going and packing everything you need including that all important picnic.

It can be all too easy to leave behind litter and forget to take everything home that you started with. Protecting our environment is so very important and we all have a part to play. Learn more about what you can do to Keep Britain Tidy.


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