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Whether you’re a pavement stomper, mountain hiker, countryside rambler or casual ambler, here’s everything you need to know to help you achieve your goal.


Your walking kit list

When planning on going out for a walk there can be so many things to think about. Apart from the obvious – phone, purse, keys what else is there to take? Having a kit list in mind will be essential to having a great walk and making sure that you are prepared for every possibility, including the ever-changeable British weather.

We become so reliant on technology but when you are out walking you may find that a map, compass and torch are really what you need. Have a look at this really useful kit list for walkers from the Ramblers.


Essentials for outdoor activities

Walking boots, rain coat, sun cream, picnic! These are all important things to remember when heading out for a walk. It could be that you want to take in the scenery of the South Downs and its beautiful rolling hills, or maybe a lovey walk along the river enjoying the sights and sounds.

Whereever you’re thinking of heading into the great outdoors, there are essentials that you shouldn’t leave home without.

Have a look at Wiggle’s recommend list to check you have everything you need.


Hiking boots

Have you really got the right boot, and what about the laces?! What are all those eyelets for?

There are so many questions around what type and style of walking shoe you should go for and how to make sure they support your and your body, and most importantly to ensure you and your feet are comfy.

Have a look at these insightful videos about walking boots.

And how to lace them up properly!


Hiking in the rain

If there’s one thing you can guarantee in England, it’s that if you’ve planned to go out for the day and enjoy an amazing walk – it probably will rain!

Us Brits are used to this scenario, and as much as we try to be prepared by making sure there’s always a spare umbrella in the car boot, we often don’t think about going out in the rain on purpose to enjoy a walk.

But why not? What an opportunity to view nature in a different way, see different things, hear different things and to make that cup of tea taste all the better when you get home and dry.

Have a look at this guide to walking in the rain from REI.


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