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Whether you’re a pavement stomper, mountain hiker, countryside rambler or casual ambler, here’s everything you need to know to help you achieve your goal.


Have you ever thought about how you walk?

What’s your style or do you just get out and walk? It’s not something that we all necessarily think about but there are small changes and improvements that you can make to take on a walk that is not just a challenge but perhaps further than the distance that you are used to.

A little bit of practice is all it takes! We have found this really useful video from Sport Walk about how you can effectively walk faster and further, have a look.



Soft and fluffy, pretty patterns or the reliable simple black cotton, socks come in all sorts of wonderful creations and in our opinion the comfier the better! 

You may have got your walking boots sorted and are raring to get going but don’t forget that your socks play a vital role in keeping your feet as happy as possible, no matter the distance you are walking.  

When it comes to walking socks there are different materials and weights but what does that actually mean? Go Outdoors aim to answer that question! 

Once you have got that sorted out, have a look at the guide from Snow and Rock on what a technical walking sock actually is and how getting it right will help you on your next adventure. 


How to use trekking poles

As we look ahead to Chestnut’s Inca Trail and other Trekking Challenges next year, you might be starting to ask yourself whether you should include trekking poles in your kit list. The best way to determine this is to try them out!

Trekking poles can help to reduce stress on your knees, back and feet – but it’s important to be using the correctly to avoid injury.

Check out this video from Chase Mountains on how to use trekking poles correctly.


Finding your way

There are so many apps out there to help us with daily life – literally anything that we could want! But when it comes to going out for a walk its hard to know which app can help.

You may not always have your trusty map handy but we have come across this great app from Kamoot which you can download from your app store. It has so many features and has the advantage of showing all the local countryside paths!

As well as the map you can record your walks and see your achievements. Have a look and see if the features will work for you.


Your walking kit list

When planning on going out for a walk there can be so many things to think about. Apart from the obvious – phone, purse, keys what else is there to take? Having a kit list in mind will be essential to having a great walk and making sure that you are prepared for every possibility, including the ever-changeable British weather.

We become so reliant on technology but when you are out walking you may find that a map, compass and torch are really what you need. Have a look at this really useful kit list for walkers from the Ramblers.



Hiking boots

Have you really got the right boot, and what about the laces?! What are all those eyelets for?

There are so many questions around what type and style of walking shoe you should go for and how to make sure they support your and your body, and most importantly to ensure you and your feet are comfy.

Have a look at these insightful videos about walking boots.

And how to lace them up properly!


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