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Crisis appeal

The coronavirus crisis means we’re losing hundreds of thousands of pounds a month. We desperately need your help to save our services and help us be there for the families who need us. Thank you.


For 17 years Chestnut Tree House has been there for local children and families when it matters most. But, coronavirus is having a devastating impact on our funding.

The maths is simple. It costs £400,000 a month to run Chestnut Tree House. Right now we are losing 70% of our monthly fundraising income. It is only a matter of time before we run out of money.

Now more than ever, the children and families who depend on Chestnut Tree House need the help of friends like you.

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Your support will help children like Lilly

Lilly and her siblingSeven-year-old Lilly is profoundly deaf, cannot walk and has very complex needs. Now her family are in lockdown and finding life a huge challenge, as Lilly’s mum Paula told us on the phone:

“I am just waiting for the phone call from Chestnut to let me know when someone can visit. That couple of hours will be lovely, it will just mean that I don’t have to worry about her for a little while. I can relax knowing someone else is with her to give her everything she needs.”

Confined to her home, Lilly and her family are struggling to cope. Your gift could fund a visit from one of our team and give them a few hours of relief and joy.

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