An illustration from The Snowman of The Snowman and the boy flying

Snowman competitions

The competition is now closed! Read the winning entries below.

An illustration from The Snowman

About the competition:

For Christmas 2021 we asked you to send us in your most imaginative creative take on Raymond Briggs's 'The Snowman' story. You could either draw or paint your own snowman-themed picture. Or, tell us about a special memory, or an adventure or moment that you have shared with someone.

We had some absolutely amazing entries - thank you to everyone who got involved! Our special panel of judges went through all entries and have selected their favourites.

Winners for the writing competition

Winner: 12-16 years

As I snuggled in bed,
A whirlwind of dreams danced in my head.
I sat on my pillow and peeked on the floor,
And saw a snowman, not one but four.
They raced out of the room while I’m close behind,
Excited to see what else we could find.
They sat by the fireplace, because it was fake,
And sat in the kitchen, and munched on some cake.
However outdoors they didn’t have fun,
One was too scared of the rising sun.
I said not to worry and sat in the gloom,
When all of I sudden I woke in my room.
I began to ponder if it was a dream after all,
Even if that’s true, it was the best dream of all.

Snowman competition entry - Jan 2022 - DO NOT USE ELSEWHERE

Winner: 8-11 years

My Peter Pan Performance

Me and my friends peeked around the door and watched the audience file in. We were all ready for the play we were performing – Peter Pan.

The leader, Rebecca, stepped onto the stage and did the announcements. Most of the chorus were so excited we could hardly breathe. I saw one girl jumping up and down as she giggled nervously.

Finally we started. Everybody walked in from side entrances and began to sing and dance the first song. I remembered the first day, when I’d almost cried with exasperation at the dance, but after a week I knew it off by heart.

After the introduction, all the chorus went off for the beginning. The girl who was playing Peter Pan was brilliant, knew her lines perfectly and was so believable! It felt like an hour before we came on. Eventually we pretended to sit around a fire and sang Mother Earth. Half of it was in a different language, but it wasn’t that hard.

The ending was my favourite. Everyone collected different coloured finger torches and during the end of the last song we lit them up and waved them in time with each other. It was beautiful, like a swaying rainbow. We did our bows to the music of Nobody Wants to Grow Old the first song. Then we started singing again for the end, while the audience clapped.

I caught the eye of my dad and gave him a big grin. I had done it!

Winner: 4-7 years

One evening we have played hide and seek. My brother found a hidden mirror in a old basement. It was covered with dirty dust and white blanket. We clean the mirror and we touched the golden sparkling mirror and our hands went through the mirror and we were teleported into a magic snowman world. We saw a snowman alive and we have played with him, we had a snowball fight and made more snowmen. It was late at night and we had to say goodbye to our new friend and we went back home.

Snowman competition image

Winners for the drawing competition

Snowman competition Winner 2021

Snowman competition Winner 2021

Snowman competition Winner 2021

Snowman competition Winner 2021

Snowman competition Winner 2021

Snowman competition Winner 2021

If you missed out this time

Don't worry if you missed your chance to enter this year - we'll be back in Christmas 2022 with another competition. So keep your eyes peeled!