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Sponsor a Room

From as little as £8 a month you could sponsor one of the rooms at the House.

Young child on a space duvet!

Why become a Room Sponsor?

When you sponsor a room you're giving a child with a life-limiting condition a caring place to laugh, play and be themselves.

Each room is designed to be cosy and provide a comforting environment, which is especially important for a young child who may have only slept at home or in hospital before. We also have a range of specialist equipment to support each individual child’s care needs.

How do I become a Room Sponsor?

  • From as little as £8 a month, you can give tired parents a well-earned break while all of their child’s medical needs are taken care of.
  • You can set up your sponsorship online simply and securely – it’ll only take you a few minutes.
  • Choose to pay via direct debit or monthly payment from £8
  • Once you’re set up you can download your very own certificate, and you’ll get a confirmation email.
  • If you’ve opted-in to hearing from us, occasionally we’ll send you updates and information about the amazing difference you’ve made
Child playing with toy in room at Chestnut Tree House children's hospice

Meet Max

When he stays at Chestnut he just gets to be a nine-year-old boy and he doesn’t have try and keep up with everyone else’s pace. They do really tailor it to him which is lovely. Chestnut is the one thing that has been consistent.

Max's mum, Jenna

Sponsor a room

Sponsor a room today

No two children’s experience of staying at the House is the same! George is one of the children we provide care for, and he’s very kindly shared his review of staying at the house:

“My favourite thing about staying overnight at Chestnut is the comfy beds. And the food! Especially Sarah’s lasagne and roast dinners. Some people can’t eat very much, and that’s like me. I have a button on my belly which means I get some of my food through a tube which goes into my stomach. After dinner I get to watch Emmerdale, like I do at home. And then when I go to bed, I can stay up late and watch a movie.”

Help children like George today by sponsoring a room:

Sponsor a room

What a stay at Chestnut Tree House means to parents

Chestnut Tree House provides a much-needed break for parents, it's one of the rare places that parents can leave their child, knowing they're being looked after by the dedicated care team.

As mum Vicki explains, staying at the House gives families a lifeline: “Having a break isn’t a normal part of life for families like us. Because of you, we are not always in hospital surrounded by machines, we are somewhere that feels like home. And that is massive.”

Frequently asked questions about sponsoring a room
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There are ten rooms at the House available for sponsorship.

We have six children’s rooms (all named after The Wind in the Willows characters) where the team of Nurses and Healthcare Assistants provide individual care for the younger children aged between 0 and 12 years. Each bedroom is individually decorated to appeal to children and has specialist equipment including hoists.

Our Young People’s Wing has four bedrooms and a communal lounge which have been designed to accommodate the particular needs and lifestyles of the young people we support. Giving them their own space, facilities, identity and independence.

Sign up today and we’ll send you a welcome pack and regular updates about all that’s happening at the hospice. You can also download a certificate confirming your sponsorship (great if you’ve set up sponsorship as a gift!)

If you’d like to discuss your room sponsorship, cancel your sponsorship or have any issues signing up online get in touch with our Supporter Care team.