Community event

The Big Hoot art trail

Event details

Join us for a Wild in Art event brought to you by Chestnut Tree House. 30 fabulous owls will be nesting around Chichester and Arundel throughout July and August – come and visit them all for a fun family-friendly day out!

Location: Chichester and Arundel
When: Wednesday 10th July 2024
End: Sunday 1st September 2024

What to expect

The Big Hoot is the first free, large-scale art trail in Chichester and Arundel. You'll be able to visit our owls, which are all decorated by a different artist, while exploring the historic towns and surrounding areas of Chichester and Arundel.

We'll also have a parliament of little owls decorated by local schools and children's groups. These mini sculptures will be displayed in indoor venues around Chichester. All of the large owls will be auctioned at the end of the trail to raise money for Chestnut Tree House children's hospice.

Find out full details on The Big Hoot website

How the Big Hoot is helping Chestnut Tree House

We hope that The Big Hoot encourages people to come together and enjoy time with family and friends, while exploring the vibrant city of Chichester and historic town of Arundel, discovering the different owl sculptures. The money raised from The Big Hoot will help children live as full a life as possible, no matter what their condition – helping them to access all the everyday activities that children enjoy, like splashing about in a swimming pool or hunting for bugs (or owls!) in the woods. The children we care for have also been involved in painting their own special owl!

We're also raising awareness

By having all our owls flying about Chichester and Arundel, we'll be encouraging people to get to know more about the hospice, and the care we provide.

Schools and youth groups get to visit Chestnut Tree House children's hospice as part of The Big Hoot's Little Hoot Learner Programme. As part of their involvement in The Little Hoot, the young people get a tour of the Woodland Walk, learn about the care that Chestnut Tree House provides, and meet real-life owls!