Give it Up

Thank you so much to everyone who gave something up in 2022!
Pay in your sponsorship here:

could pay for a personalised activity and craft pack for a child shielding at home.
could pay for a family to spend a day together at Chestnut Tree House
could provide an hour of fun, laughter, care and support at home

What's Give it Up all about?

Whether cutting out cakes, giving up gaming, or saying goodbye to your evening tipple, can you Give it Up for Chestnut Tree House this Lent?

Your task is simple:

All you need to do is choose what you are going to give up (it’s totally up to you) and donate what you’ve saved over the 40 days to your local children’s hospice. First, get in touch and let us know you're taking part -

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Getting sponsored

Why not also ask for sponsorship? ... Is what you're giving up a real challenge? Perhaps your coffee consumption is a long-running joke in the office, or you are kicking the habit of a lifetime? If you're pushing yourself, ask your friends and family to sponsor you along the way.

How to get involved

To get involved for Lent 2022 just follow these easy steps:

  1. Decide what you want to give up for Lent: Lent’s a great time to kick bad habits. Why not choose something that you’ve been meaning to cut down on, or something that costs you a lot each week? Make sure to choose something realistic but also challenging.
  2. Get in touch: Fill in the form below and let us know you’re up for the challenge, we’ll be here to support you with fundraising materials.
  3. Complete your task: 40 days and 40 nights of perseverance and strength to keep yourself away from temptation.
  4. Get sponsored: Ask your fiends and family to sponsor your endeavours, you can sign up on JustGiving to collect sponsorship easily.
  5. Pay in your hard earned money: If you’ve collected sponsorship, or just saved your pennies from the thing you chose to give up, you just need to donate the amount. All your donations go directly to Chestnut Tree House, so we can continue to support children and young people with life-threatening illnesses.

It’s no problem if you slip up during Lent! We all make mistakes, and you’re only human.

You can always add on an unofficial extra day at the end of Lent if you want to make sure you complete 40 days in total. Or you might choose to add a penalty amount for each slip up, which you add to your donation.


Giving up something for Lent can be difficult, but you’ll be motivated to stay on track knowing that every penny of your donation goes to help local children with life-threatening conditions.

Most people choose something that they know is a bad habit, but find hard to resist. Things like; chocolate, coffee and alcohol are all popular choices. If you choose to give up something like this – you can simply save the amount you would be spending, and watch the amount rise up over the 40 days.

Or you could choose something that you’ve been meaning to cut down on. Sometimes going ‘cold turkey’ can help you in the long term to re-establish better habits and behaviours. For instance, you could give up eating meat, log off of Facebook, or decide not to watch TV in the evenings. If you choose to challenge yourself with something like this- why not put some money in the kitty for every day you’re successful. And for any day you give in to temptation you put in double the mount!

Others choose to use Lent as a time to start new habits – so you could try giving up; not going for a daily run/walk, not getting a full 8 hours sleep each night, or bad posture while sitting at your desk.


Where your fundraising goes


could pay for arts and crafts materials for children to get creative.


could give a child a magical hour in the sensory room with a specially trained nurse


could pay for a session with a Family counsellor, offering support for family members

How to donate your fundraising

Set yourself up on Just Giving for a free, easy and simple way to get your fundraising started.

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