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Team building activities

Discover the benefits of corporate volunteering at Chestnut Tree House. We have lots of opportunities for team volunteering both at the hospice and across East and West Sussex.


As part of our relationship with you, we feel it is important that employees have the opportunity to visit, and engage with, the hospice. This will help to nurture a more personal connection with our cause, and make employees feel that they are a part of something special.

Research has proven that volunteering increases employee job satisfaction, which in turn improves corporate culture and the recruitment and retention of employees in the long run. Volunteer projects provide employees with a welcome break from their desks, while having fun collaborating with colleagues in a unique setting and making a meaningful contribution to their own community.

Volunteers from Equiniti in Worthing said:

“A very emotional but wonderful experience, and a great opportunity to give something back to those who really do need the support.Dean Maughan

“We went on a tour. That moment when you are told that the star hanging on the door means a child has passed away. That child is lying in bed in that room and you are on the other side. Heart wrenching. Today I volunteered for Chestnut Tree House for children, the only one of its kind (for children) in Sussex. They do amazing work and it is an amazing place. Please support them. Give your kids a hug.” Sanjay Gohil

“A great day all working together for the good of others. Thanks for letting me have the experience.” Ceri Nye

“It’s an absolutely amazing place with amazing people.” Denise Webster

“I for one enjoyed doing something to help keep the place looking as idyllic as possible for the families that need to be there.” Dave Hudson

 “A truly humbling experience, and the day was so much more rewarding than moving figures around a spreadsheet.” Jason Smith

Another of our amazing volunteers from Cellular Solutions said:

“For me the highlight of the day was getting to see the house and the children there… I think that emphasises the important work and care they provide both for the children and the families. It is a comfort to know that they have had the best support and love in their final few months/years and to know that the families have someone they can turn to. Children can come and have a swim in the pool and have tea and cake with family. Sometimes we overlook even these small blessings that for us becomes a normal part of life but for them means everything.

The house itself looked like a fairy-tale – something out of Disney… a little retreat and adventure where they can meet other children, make friends, have fun, be outdoors… We can so often underestimate the work that these hospices can do but they have so much value and purpose. To be able to bring love and hope in the midst of despair, to be a light in the darkness – what an extraordinary gift to be able to give. And even though we can’t do everything, the little bit that we can do by raising money or doing a bit of gardening – it all helps and makes a difference, helps Chestnut Tree House reach their goal.”

Our corporate volunteering program enables our corporate partners to achieve just this, and build a sustainable and long term partnership us.

Running every Monday throughout the year and Thursdays from March to November each year, we host corporate volunteering groups here at the hospice. Groups of eight on a Monday and up to 15 people on a Thursday, are invited in for the day to complete a project in our gardens. These projects can be a huge variety of tasks including anything from raking up leaves, painting our sheds or overhauling our kitchen vegetable patch! The day includes a tour of the hospice in the morning, and a delicious home made cake from our kitchen at afternoon tea break time!

Volunteering days can also take place off site, and employee groups can get involved in our fundraising events, our charity shops and helping sort through our treasure trove of stock in our Retail Distribution Centre.

These days are incredibly popular, and are always booked up as soon as the dates come out! If you would like your company to get involved, please contact our Corporate Fundraising Team on 01903 871846 or email corporate@chestnut-tree-house.org.uk.