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There are so many ways you can get involved and support Chestnut Tree House


Put on your own event

Why not put on your own easy fundraising event. It is a fun and rewarding way to engage with your local community and at the same time helping us to continue providing the essential services for the children and families requiring our hospice care services.


Fundraising is Fun

Organise fun events that your family and friends, work colleagues and sports/social club mates will want to come to. It can be a simple case of baking and selling cakes on a stand at your local village fete, or getting some friends together and arranging a charity quiz at your local pub or community centre, or even a sponsored run/walk at your local school or health club.

Top 3 tips to get you started

  1. Think about what you want to do to raise funds – be as specific as possible.
  2. Set a reasonable fundraising target for your activity.
  3. Ensure you have available resources to run the activity and plan well ahead, particularly if relying on extra people for help.

Sponsored event – raise extra funds via Gift Aid

If your event means that you will be doing something for sponsorship, please use our official sponsorship forms or use a recognised online giving site, such as Just Giving. If your donors are UK tax payers and they declare this when they donate by simply ticking a box, we can claim an additional 25 pence in the every donated. For example £10 can become £12.50.

And we’re here to help

Once you have an event idea in mind we would love to hear about what you are planning, so we can help with advice on fundraising and if required supply you with leaflets, newsletters, posters and other pieces of marketing materials such as charity banners, balloons and collection buckets/tins.

Make sure everyone you know – and their friends and families – know exactly what you are doing. Why not set up a Facebook and Twitter page and share your posts.

We can also help promote your event on our website, Facebook event listing and Twitter pages.

So, when you have your event planned, please contact us. We would like to know the type of event, the date and where and when you are going to hold it.


Have a look at all the hints, tips and vital knowledge you need from start to finish when planning an event. Take an idea from our A-Z list of fundraising ideas or come up with one of your own, the wackier the better! Click on the downloads and find more resources here.