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Chestnut’s Big Splash Appeal 2019

Our family’s very best days are spent splashing around in the pool with our son Luke – and it’s your support that makes this possible.


My son Luke loves to make a ‘Big Splash’ in Chestnut’s pool. He’s eight now and has been blind and deaf from birth – touch is by far his strongest sense. The feel of the water all over his body, it’s a unique experience for him; we can see the pleasure he gets; his face just lights up. And the pool at Chestnut Tree House is the only place he can have this pleasure – because it’s kept incredibly clean and at a constant body temperature.

Being together at Chestnut Tree House’s pool has become the highlight of our summer, thanks to the support of kind local people like you.

Luke’s life is exceptionally delicate. We’ve spent a large part of his life in hospital – and three times we’ve been told “this is the end”, but he’s pulled through. It was only when Luke was nearly three that we found Chestnut Tree House – our sanctuary.

Chestnut is where we go to have a holiday – time to just enjoy being a family together. We can completely hand over all of Luke’s care responsibilities to Chestnut’s amazing, caring staff. Luke gets to spend a day at Chestnut whilst we spend some time with his big sister, Izzy. And we end the day together by splashing about in their special pool. It’s always great, one of the very few times when all four of us can be together, enjoying the same thing.

Just that day, one day without the worry, the work, the stress – feels like a fortnight’s holiday would feel to other families. For us, a day at Chestnut, making a ‘Big Splash’ and enjoying our summer, is just perfect.

The joy of swimming in their pool is only available to us because it is paid for by donations from amazing, caring local people. I cannot find the words needed to describe how much it means to our family to have this support.

It costs £41.00 for Luke to spend a magical hour splashing about at Chestnut. That covers both the cost of running the pool and the time of a specialist nurse to be there with him, caring for his needs and keeping them safe. And, every day of the year, Chestnut has to find £80.00 just to keep the pool clean, warm and ready for a family to use.

Chestnut’s ‘Big Splash Appeal’ hopes to raise the money they need to keep the pool running this summer – and make sure that every child has the chance of their own ‘Big Splash’.IMG_0909 – circular

Click here to make a donation to keep this precious pool open for children like Luke this summer – it will be hugely appreciated. Thank you!

Liz, Luke’s Mum

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