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Christmas Appeal

Will you help families cherish every moment this Christmas? Your gift today can help bring care, joy and wonder to children at Chestnut Tree House this Christmas – and a sense of community and stability for their families at what is often a particularly difficult time.


Gemma’s story

I’m sure, like me, your family has its own funny Christmas traditions. For my children it’s looking out for robins in the garden, because we know that, secretly, they’re Santa’s helpers, popping in to check that everyone is being good.

Owen and Esther

Owen and Esther

My daughter Esther and I spotted one yesterday, and it was a very special moment. It meant Christmas must be just around the corner… and it also gave us a chance to talk about Owen, Esther’s big brother. He used to love watching the garden with her, hoping to see one of Santa’s robins.

Sadly, Owen isn’t with us this Christmas. He died of a brain tumour four years ago, when he was just seven years old. But by talking about him and sharing our memories, Owen will always be part of our family life.

And we have Chestnut Tree House to thank in many ways for that. It’s a very special place for local families like ours – which is why I’m asking if you might consider supporting its vital work this Christmas by making a donation.

Owen’s last Christmas

Christmas is still a difficult time for us. I remember our last one with Owen – we all knew it would be his last – and how hard we tried to keep it as ‘normal’ as possible.

Family photoHe wanted to do the school nativity, and put up the old Christmas tree, and choose a new decoration for the tree, all those little family traditions that we did every year.

My husband and I were desperately trying to keep the ship afloat, but in reality we were sinking badly. Meeting Lucy, our Chestnut Tree nurse, changed all of that.

This Christmas, families like ours will be given the same incredible support from Chestnut Tree nurses like Lucy, support that got us through so many painful weeks.

As a local charity, Chestnut Tree House depends on the amazing generosity of people like you. Please will you send a gift today to help families who could be facing their last Christmas together?

With love and best wishes for a very happy, peaceful Christmas to you and your family,


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