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Summer Appeal

You can help children like Jack to spend a whole day with us. We can provide care so devoted parents like Emma and Kevin can get vital rest after a difficult year.


Meet Jack

Jack at the hospiceJack’s nine years old and is one of the children we used to have over for regular day visits at Chestnut Tree House.

Like any other lad, he’s got tonnes of energy. But he was born with a rare, life-limiting condition that means he needs someone around to keep a close eye on him every hour of the day, seven days a week. Jack’s condition means that over the last year he’s been too vulnerable to be out in busy public places.

How has the pandemic affected families?

Caring for a child with a life-limiting illness is far from straightforward, and the pandemic has made it even more difficult. Looking after Jack is something that his amazing parents – Emma and Kevin – can never really switch off from without help.

However, this past year, not only did the pandemic take away their support network but also the day care visits to Chestnut that they rely on.

Jack and familyEmma and Kevin are like many of our families – they’ve had to protect their vulnerable children from the virus by shielding at home with them for the whole of this past year.

They’ve been without their usual support network for so long, and, now, parents like them are desperate for a break from the huge responsibility that comes with looking after a child with complex needs.

“We started shielding back in March 2020. That makes it over a year now that Jack’s been at home, so he’s missed a whole year of school. In that time, his health’s been up and down – more downs than ups, to be honest, which has been rubbish. His seizures have increased, it’s not been great, but we have just been dealing with it as best as we can really.”

– Emma, Jack’s mum

All the parents of children we support need time for themselves to rest and recharge. It’s essential so that they can continue to give the incredible, specialist care children like Jack need.

Your donation could make all the difference for families like Jack’s

Jack at Chestnut Tree

After pausing our day care service because of the pandemic, Chestnut is open for day visits again, and our nurses are specially trained and equipped to provide the care our families need.

But we can only provide this vital service with the help of supporters like you.

A gift from you today could help more parents like Emma and Kevin to know that they are being supported to take some much-needed rest and recuperation.

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