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Summer Appeal 2018 - celebrating the lives and memories of all those we care for

This year, Chestnut Tree House is 15 years old. Your wonderful support has helped to bring joy, fun and laughter into so many young, fragile lives. Please, help us to care for more local children this summer – and join us in celebrating the lives and memories of all those we’ve been privileged to care for.


I’m Caroline McCullough, the Clinical Nursing Manager at Chestnut Tree House. This year, our children’s hospice turns 15; and I have been here for the whole of our journey!

I can’t quite believe it really. I remember our first day so clearly, our very first child coming through our doors, how excited and apprehensive we all were. Those fifteen years have really zipped past but that time is filled with so many memories of so many special children. Some we knew for only a very short time. Others have been a huge part of our lives for many years and have helped to shape the care services we offer today.

Jacob was one of those children who we got to know very well. We first met him in 2007, when he was just 3 years old. As Jacob grew up, so did we. He was one of the most complex children we have cared for. When his health deteriorated, so the difficulty in giving him the care and support he needed increased but we were always determined to be there for him, his brothers and his Mum and Dad, for as long as he – and they – needed us.

Jacob’s mum, Wendy, has written about her little boy and their relationship with Chestnut Tree House. Please read her words, because they show so clearly the care we can provide, the memories we can help to create, when kind local people like you give us your vital support. You can read Wendy and Jacob’s story here.



It costs £35.70 to provide one hour’s specialist dedicated care to a child like Jacob at Chestnut Tree House.

Please can I ask you to consider making a donation to Chestnut Tree House, so that they can ensure all the other children and families, like Jacob and Wendy, who are so reliant on their support get the care and attention they need this summer. You can make a donation here.

I would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to be a part of our 15th birthday. I would dearly love you to join us for our special birthday Open Days, which will be held here at the hospice on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 October. If you’ve not been before, please do come, we’d love to show you round and let you see how much your wonderful support means. There’s no need to book; please come along.

You can read more of Caroline’s letter here