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There are so many ways you can get involved and support Chestnut Tree House


Will you take the £50 Schools Challenge?

The challenge is simple; we will give your class £50 and they have two terms to grow it, the rest is up to them.


How much will your students turn £50 into?

Will they double it, triple it or turn it into thousands?

Whether rivalling against other classes, holding a mega bake sale or becoming the next millionaire mogul, this is your opportunity to let your students’ imaginations run wild.

This challenge could be part of your PSHE toolkit and is a fantastic way to raise vital funds for your local children’s hospice, whilst encouraging students of all abilities to enhance and develop the skills and attributes they need for later life, such as:

  • Communication, teamwork and leadership skills
  • The opportunity to develop an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Practical skills such as budgeting, career planning and critical thinking

Do you think they can handle the challenge?

Contact us today to arrange for one of our team to provide an assembly, in person or virtually, to kick start the challenge and provide you with ongoing support through your journey.