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Virtual fundraising toolkit

Welcome to your virtual fundraising toolkit! Here you’ll find all the best virtual fundraising ideas, handy hints and top tips for supporting your local hospice. You could be helping children and their families in your community, without even leaving your own home!


Be a home hero and fundraise while together apart!

Are you looking for some inspiring fundraising ideas that you can do while staying home and maintaining social distancing? We have some inspiring virtual fundraising ideas for you!

Have some fun with your friends and family, catch up with your work colleagues and raise vital funds to help local children who are seriously ill and their families.

Host a virtual quiz

Release your inner quiz master by hosting a virtual pub quiz for your friends and family!

Everyone loves a good quiz. A virtual quiz is easy to set up, a great way to bring lots of people together, and has something for everyone, whether they’re a general knowledge guru, film fanatic, or sports smarty.

How to hold your quiz

1. Quiz format

A good place to start is deciding how many rounds you want in your quiz, how many questions per round, how long you want the quiz to last, and how you’re going to present the quiz.

A good rule of thumb is 5-6 rounds of 8-10 questions. This should take between 1-2 hours. Have fewer rounds or fewer questions per round for shorter quizzes.

2. Set your questions


Is your quiz going to be themed (i.e. Star Wars or Harry Potter), general knowledge, or a combination of different rounds? Think about the people you want to take part in your quiz and make the quiz so it has something for everyone.

3. Pick a date

Set a time and date for your quiz and then decide what amount you would like people to pay or donate to join in. You could even direct people to your fundraising page to donate. It’s simple!

4. Gather your friends

The simplest way is to get everyone together is using a video calling service like Zoom or Skype. If you haven’t used this before, the sites have easy to follow set up guides and FAQs.

5. It’s quiz time!

Everyone’s together, they’ve got their snacks, and pen and paper are at the ready. Let’s get quizzical!

At the end of each round give out the answers and take in the scores and at the end you can announce your winners!

You could do a virtual trophy or first, second and third place medals, the possibilities are endless. Who doesn’t like a medal?

Audience participation

Want to go more interactive with your quiz and get your friends to do some work too?

Use an app like Kahoot!

To play, simply log in to Kahoot! on your computer and share your screen via Zoom or Skype.

Players log in to the app on their phones and enter the ‘game code’ shown. Once started, the quiz runs automatically until finished.

With Kahoot! you can either create a quiz or use an existing one (there are loads to pick from).

Add a challenge round

This could be adding a ‘Pointless’ or ‘Catchphrase’ game show type round, getting quizzers to collect items from around their house, or rounds where you have to buzz first to answer.

For more hints and tips, check out this article about How to create a virtual pub quiz that’s actually good (and fun).

Hold an online bingo night

Release your inner bingo caller!

Bingo is making a comeback and is something you can easily do from home! It’s fun for the whole family and is a great way to get together and raise funds whilst apart.

How to plan your bingo night

1. Get your bingo cards

BingoYou can get free virtual cards online to distribute amongst your players, who can either print them off or fill in on their phone or computer.

Sites such as My Free Bingo Cards can help you with creating and downloading cards.

2. Pick a date

Invite all your friends and family to take part in an amazing evening of bingo. Charge an entry fee, though your fundraising page and give out virtual winner’s trophies, or a digital shopping voucher for the winner!

3. Gather your friends

The simplest way is to get everyone together is using a video calling service like Zoom or Skype. If you haven’t used this before, the sites have easy to follow set up guides and FAQs.

4. Eyes down

Everyone’s settled in, got their bingo cards, and are ready for some legs eleven.

My Free Bingo Cards can also help you with the number calling too. If you’d prefer to do the calling yourself, places like BingoPort can help you generate numbers. Don’t forget to practice your bingo calls!

Make it a Full House

There are two main types of bingo; being 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo. The above sites can help you with picking the best one for your bingo night and the rules of each game.

Know your legs eleven from your two ducks in a row with this list of bingo number calls.

Gaming for Good

Are you a gamer? Would your friends baulk at the idea of walking 10,000 steps but be up for a 24-hour gameathon?

Gaming for Good is an innovative, new and exciting way to fundraise for your local hospice.

Gaming for GoodTypically, an event will consist of a 24-hour gaming marathon where fundraisers will stream their game playing live on websites such as Twitch. Twitch is a live streaming video platform focusing on video gaming among other creative content.

Fingers at the ready

You could host a FIFA tournament or Call of Duty league, stream it all live and ask participants to make a donation to enter!

If you use Twitch you can add a JustGiving button to your channel which allows your followers to donate to your JustGiving page.

If you use Facebook for live streaming you can now select a cause for your viewers to support, set donation goals, add a progress bar and share donation alerts. Read this blog from Facebook Gaming to learn more.

You can find more information about Gaming for Good on JustGiving and you can find Chestnut Tree House on Twitch.

Donate your change to make a difference

How much money are you saving right now by not being out and about as usual?

Think about something you or friends would usually have paid out during the week or month. Could you donate that to your local hospice instead?

CoffeeDo you normally commute to work? Pick up a morning latte? Grab a daily meal deal?

Ask your friends and family to donate their £2.50 or £5 they would normally spend on a regular basis but haven’t been able to recently.

You could create a fundraising page and share it with your friends and family, and let them know how much of a difference it makes.

The cost of a coffee may not seem like much, but it can make a big difference.

The care team at Chestnut Tree House are still looking after children and their families who are isolating and can’t access some of our services. Donating the cost of a latte could provide an activity pack for a child shielding at home.

Donate in celebration

Not sure what to do for your birthday? Have an anniversary or special occasion approaching?

Birthday cakeYou could ask your friends and family to donate to your fundraising page what they would normally spend on your present.

Feel even better on your big day by knowing you’re giving something back to your local community.

Find more ideas for giving in celebration.

Hold a Facebook birthday fundraiser

Did you know that you can now hold a birthday fundraiser on Facebook and ask all your friends to make a donation?

You can follow this guide on Facebook which talks you through how to create a Facebook fundraiser in a few simple steps.

For more inspiration visit our Facebook fundraisers page where you can see all the fundraisers other people have created.

Donate to charity as you shop

A lot of shops may be closed, but you can still shop online.

Support us through online shoppingEvery time you or your friends and family shop online with certain companies, Chestnut Tree House can receive a donation from the money you are already spending! How easy is that?

Find out how you can support us through Amazon, eBay and Easy Fundraising on our online shopping page.

You can also purchase greetings cards from our online shop.

Choose your challenge

Why not take on your own personal challenge during this time?

There are so many challenges to choose from and you support makes a huge difference to us!

Balloon Dog

Whether walking the virtual Great Wall of China, taking part in a head shave or running a marathon in your garden, all challenges are welcome. The weird, the wacky and the wonderful!

Even taking on a spectacular balloon art walking challenge for a week! There is no such thing as a bad idea, just use your imagination.

Simply create a fundraising page and ask your friends and family to sponsor you. Don’t forget to share your before and after snaps!

Find the right challenge for you

If you are a sporty person how about walking the entire length of the UK virtually? That’s 384,383 steps, give or take!

Here are some more ideas…

Trek Distance Number of steps
London Marathon 26 Miles 54,912
Everest Base camp 65 Kilometers 85,301
Coast to Coast UK 182 miles 384,383

Perhaps climbing mountains more your thing. Why not climb a virtual mountain using your stairs? Raise money for your local hospice, whilst developing glutes of steel!

Set yourself a duration of a day, a week or even a number of months to complete your stair climb.

Mountain No. of stairs No. of flights
Mt. Snowdon 7,120 475
Mt. Kilimanjaro 38,680 2,578
Mt. Everest 58,070 3,871

If you find your inspiration is lagging you can sign up for virtual challenges with some of the following sites.

Race at Your Pace – Race at your pace allows you to sign up to different virtual challenges around swimming, running, cycling or walking each month, with a medal included in the sign-up cost.

The Conqueror – Conquer a virtual Hadrian’s Wall, Inca Trail or English Channel distance, through swimming, walking, running or cycling. Or even conquer the entire length of the UK! Medal and map tracking included with the sign-up fee.