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Participating in healthcare research helps us develop, improve and provide the best quality care to our patients and families.

Please be aware that the information on this page covers sensitive subjects and may also contain medical and scientific terminology.

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Get to know our Research Team

Jo was a Specialist Physiotherapist in Palliative Care at a hospice in Liverpool before starting her career in research. She completed a PhD in Health Services Research at the Cicely Saunders Institute, King’s College London (KCL) in 2020. She is now a Research Fellow at KCL and is seconded to work at St Barnabas Hospices two days per week.

Jo leads on research at St Barnabas Hospices, building research capacity and capability, to ensure people accessing our services have opportunities to participate in research. At KCL, she is the Scientific Project Manager for the Inspire Randomised Controlled Trial

Tabitha joined St Barnabas Hospices in 2022 following a career in research management at the University of Oxford. Prior to this, Tabitha completed a PhD in History at the University of Warwick and Victoria & Albert Museum.

Tabitha supports the Research Team with research governance, ensuring that our research activities are conducted within the appropriate ethical, legal and professional frameworks.

Phoebe has just completed a master’s in Clinical Neuroscience at UCL and hopes to begin training as a Clinical Psychologist in the near future. Her current focus is on growing the PCIE group and research administration, including managing recruitment to ongoing studies and analysing data for the Planning Future Care During Covid-19 study.

Recent research collaborations at Chestnut Tree House

Children, young people, families and staff from Chestnut Tree House have been helping researchers create a new questionnaire. The questionnaire is called the Children’s Palliative Outcome Scale, or ‘C-POS’. This new tool will help healthcare teams to better understand children and young people’s needs and feelings (as well as those of their family and/or carers). More information about the study can be found here: Children’s Palliative Outcome Scale

In collaboration with King’s College London

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