Hit the Downs MTB – final joining instructions

Thank you for taking part in this fun but challenging off-road ride. You’re raising much-needed funds for St Barnabas House and Chestnut Tree House hospices.

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We’re so excited to see you on Sunday for another great Hit The Downs MTB! It’s set to be a scorcher, so make sure you’ve packed your sunscreen and we’ll meet you at the finish line with a cooling ice-cream!

There are three route options, all are fully signed, and electronic route files are available to download for your devices.

Hit the Downs MTB is not a race, though timing is provided, so you’ll know how long it took you to complete the challenge. Please don’t be tempted to race each other or ride dangerously.

We encourage everyone to aim for self-sufficient riding, but mechanical support and pit stops will be provided to help you.

The ride is being run on a mix of public bridleways, byways and some roads – so you will meet walkers, horses, other cyclists and drivers along the route. Please be polite and considerate, slowing down, allowing space and communicating clearly with others. Follow the Highway Code and the Countryside Code.

If you need any help, just ask the events teams who’ll be there around the route on the day.

Map showing the 30km, 60km, 80km routes for the mountain bike event Hit the Downs 2022.

Have a great ride!

St Barnabas House and Chestnut Tree House events team, working with Marmalade MTB.

Schedule for the day


Please come to registration with your bike and equipment, ready to depart. Registration will be done alphabetically. Volunteers will check your details (mobile number, emergency contact details) then give you your event number (with cable ties) and your timing chip.

Your fundraising

You’ll be able to top up your sponsorship at registration by either cash or card to ensure you hit your minimum sponsorship of £50. Thanks to fundraisers like you Hit the Downs MTB is on track to raise over £30,000! Thank you!

Please arrive at registration ready to start your ride, with your bike and equipment. Your start time is determined by the distance you have signed up for, please do not be early or late as this affects other aspects of the ride. Look at the schedule to confirm your allocated start time.

80km route

  • 06:45 Car park opens
  • 07:00 Registration opens
  • 07:00 – 08:00 Departures
  • 08:00 Final departure time
  • 12:30 1st cut off time*
  • 16:00 2nd cut off time**
  • 17:30 Route closes
  • 18:00 Car park closes

*If you haven’t reached Marshal E – at the top of Washington Bostal – by 12:30, you won’t be able to continue on the longer routes, and will be asked to join the 30km route instead. This point is 19km into the 80km route.

** If you are riding the 80km route and haven’t reached the second pit stop at 58km by 16:00, you won’t be able to continue on the 80km course, and will be asked to join the last part of the route being used by the 60km riders. If you pass a marshal and they instruct you to follow the 60km markers, you must obey this instruction. If the marshal instructs you to follow the 60km directional signage it means that there is insufficient time left for you to safely complete the last section of the 80km route before the route officially closes at 17:30.

60km route

  • 08.00 Car park opens
  • 08:15 Registration opens
  • 08:15 – 09:15 Departures
  • 09:15 Final departure time
  • 12.30 cut off time*
  • 17:30 Route closes
  • 18:00 Car park closes

*If you haven’t reached Marshal E – at the top of Washington Bostal – by 12:30, you won’t be able to continue on the longer routes, and will be asked to join the 30km route instead. This point is 15km into the 60km route.

30km route

  • 09.15 Car park opens
  • 09:30 Registration opens
  • 09:30 – 10:30 Departures
  • 10:30 Final departure time
  • 17:30 Route closes
  • 18:00 Car park closes

Getting here and parking

If you’re arriving by car, marshals and volunteers will direct you to the event car park on Adur Recreation Ground. Please drive very carefully on site. Do not use the public car park as this needs to be kept clear for the general public.

Start/Finish line

Adur Recreation Ground and playground, Brighton Road, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex BN43 5LT, UK

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Know your signage

This is a fully signed ride, with signs showing the way to go, as well as warning of hazards. Be careful to watch for the points where the route splits between the 30km, 60km and 80km options.

All signage will be taken down as the last rider passes through.

Specific route signage (found at course split):


Course splits into different routes:

Courses join back again:


Pit stops

Stops for food, water and assistance will be provided along the route. There will be one stop for those on the 30km route, and two stops for those on the 60km and 80km routes:

First Pit Stop: Kithurst Hill car park, RH20 4HW

30km route: N/A
60km: 24km from start
80km: 28km from start

Open 08:30 – 12:15

Second Pit Stop: Findon Village Hall, High St, Findon BN14 0TA

30km route: 19km from start
60km: 51km from start
80km: 58km from start

Open 10:00 – 15:30

We would encourage you to stop at these pit stops, rather than at other locations. Please don’t drink alcohol before you’ve finished the route. Look forward to celebrating once you’ve crossed the finish line!

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Electronic timing

‘Chip timing’ will be provided for the ride. Your chip will be given to you at registration on the morning of the ride. Your time will be available online towards the end of the day. All chips are disposable.

Please make sure that the chips are secured to your bike or helmet as advised at registration.  Not only does this ensure that the chips will be read by the timing software, but it also lets us know when you have finished cycling and are not still out on the route.

If, for whatever reason, you can’t make it back to the finish and decide to retire early, you MUST call event control, using the phone numbers on the front of your event number.

Hit the Downs MTB is not a race, though timing is provided, so you’ll know how long it took you to complete the challenge. Please don’t be tempted to race each other or ride dangerously.


Housekeeping bits and bobs

Horses and other path users

  • Hit the Downs MTB takes place on a mix of bridleways, byways and roads. Please follow the Highway Code and Countryside Code at all times, and understand that you undertake the ride at your own risk. Please be particularly careful to give way when passing horses.
  • Cycling UK and the British Horse Society (BHS) have joined forces to launch a consideration and courtesy awareness message of ‘Be Nice, Say Hi’ to help cyclists and horse riders to pass safely.
  • Horses can react quickly when startled, so the two charities are encouraging cyclists to drop their pace and call out a greeting, giving the horse and rider time to react before overtaking wide and slow. By alerting the rider and horse to their presence, cyclists run less risk of the horse reacting, and reduce the risk of injury – not just to the rider and their horse, but also themselves.
  • Take care also when passing people who are walking or cycling. They may not be expecting you, so can feel startled. When approaching people from behind, a friendly greeting, or a ring of a bell, can really help.


Toilets will be provided at the start/finish area and also at the feed stops along the route. It may be tempting to relieve yourself in the outdoors, but with many riders and other people on the route, this is best avoided whenever possible.


Please dispose of all your litter into the rubbish bins provided at the feed stops. Do not leave any litter on the route.


Do not leave your bike or other valuables unattended at any time, whether at the start/finish area, at a pit stop or at any point on the route. Bike thieves may take advantage of any moments of inattention. In case of theft, please contact Sussex Police.

Your bike is your responsibility and neither Chestnut Tree House nor Marmalade MTB take responsibility for any damage or loss to your bike throughout the event.


Equipment to bring

Although mechanical support and refreshments are provided on the day, you should treat the ride as you would do any ride. Aim to be self-sufficient.


  • Bike – serviced and good working order. A mountain bike or gravel bike is ideal. Road bikes are not suitable.
  • Helmet – in good condition, correctly fitting – you won’t be able to take part in the event if you are not wearing a suitable helmet.
  • Fully charged mobile phone.


  • Cash
  • Water
  • Sun cream and sunglasses
  • Bike pump to fit your valves
  • Spare inner tubes of the right size for your bike
  • Puncture repair kit (check if you need kit to suit tubeless or tubes)
  • Multi-tool with allen keys and screwdrivers
  • 1 or 2 pre-filled water bottles or a hydration pack
  • Appropriate cycle clothing
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Energy bars or snack food


  • Change of clothes for the end of the ride
  • Extra tools like chain tool and spoke key
  • Battery pack for phone if heavy usage expected

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Take a few moments of your time to read through the information below and familiarise yourself with our emergency procedures.

  • We will always endeavour to keep you and your fellow participants as safe as possible, however this does require a commitment from you to observe any instructions given to you by event staff, whether that be the event manager, the medics or the support staff.
  • Please do everything you can to avoid incidents or injuries – to yourself or others.
  • The event manager has the authority to remove you from a ride if they believe that you are acting in a manner that endangers yourself, your fellow participants, staff and/or the general public.
  • All participants are required to wear a helmet for cycling and to be otherwise dressed safely.
  • If you feel unwell before the event, or on the day of the event, please don’t attend.

Please download the what3words app for your phone, and familiarise yourself with its use. You may need to use it to communicate your location in the event of an emergency. Contact details for the event manager and emergency services are printed on the front of your race number.

In the event of an emergency

In the event of an emergency, our staff will instruct you as to the appropriate actions they would like you to take. It is important that you obey these instructions. However if you feel that these instructions put you in more danger than acceptable, then you are entitled to discuss this with our staff and agree on a course of action.

Once all participants are safe, our staff will call the event manager, who will then decide on the best course of action. This may involve a re-organisation of the logistics of the event, and in extreme cases, may mean that the event is temporarily stopped, or terminated entirely.

If you are involved in, or you witness, an emergency, please do the following:

  1. Ensure that you, your fellow participants, staff and members of the general public are as safe and as comfortable as possible.
  2. If necessary, call the emergency services.
  3. Call Event Control (details on your event number) to tell them the nature of the incident and your location. Use what3words to share your location.
    • All signage will be numbered, if you are near a sign please relay the number to Event Control so we can locate your position.
    • If it is safe to do so, stay where you are. If not, you should move to a safe location.
    • Please obey the instructions given to you by the event manager, other staff or emergency services.

Please arrive at registration with your bike and equipment, at the time appropriate for your distance, as shown in the schedule. Please do not be early or late as this will affect other aspects of the ride. Have a look at the schedule for more info.

At registration you will be given your unique race number for you to attach to the handlebars of your bike. During the ride you will be identified by this number.

All three routes will be fully signed, and route files are available to you to download onto your devices. Check out the info on Signage.

There will be pit stops provided on all three routes for you to have a break. There will also be access to water. If you have any rubbish from your ride please keep it with you and put it in the bins provided at the stops. Mechanics, medics and toilet facilities will be available at both stops.

If you have an accident, there will be medics in the start/finish zone and at the stops who will be able to attend to you. If there is a more serious accident, the medics will be called to your location to attend to you or an ambulance may be called.

Once you have arrived, registered, and collected and attached your event number, you will be ready to move to the start area. You will be set off in groups of around 15, with a short time between each wave.

Please arrive with a bike that is in good working order. At the start area there will be mechanics who will be able to check your bike if you have any unexpected issues with it.

Contact details

Pre-event queries: Email: events@stbh.org.uk | Phone: 01903 706354

On the day questions:

Meet Sophie! She’s the Event Manager for Hit The Downs MTB. Making sure everything runs smoothly and everyone has a great time. If you need to contact someone on the day, you can get in touch with Sophie 07961 937278