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Whether you’re a running rookie or distance dynamo, there’s lots for you to think about when taking on a run. Here we have some handy hints that will help you to get race day ready and everything you need to get you moving!

What not to do before your run

You’ve done all the training and race day is just around the corner. Whilst us runners tend to be focused on the run itself, we can’t forget about the final prep to make sure we’re fully run day ready.

Things we shouldn’t be doing are just as important as those we should. From food and fluid intake to our gear and warming up, this list of what you should never do before a run from Runners First will help you avoid the pitfalls.

Fueling your run

Running can place extra demands on your body. This is why it’s super important to keep yourself fueled up, especially for more recreational runners or first time 10kers. Your body may not be as used to that distance on a regular basis.

It’s been shown that fueling right can improve performance from 2-20%, which can equate to anything from two and a half minutes to as much as 12 minutes improvement on your time.

Here are 11 fueling tips from None To Run for a better run.

Run recovery

Completing a 10k or half marathon is something to be super proud of. But even when race day is over, there is still one key thing left to think about – recovery!

It’s not just about putting your feet up for as long as possible (though rest is encouraged). Whilst everyone is different, there are a few tried and tested strategies to help you avoid hobbling round and keeping away from stairs all week.

Check out these top tips to aid your post-race recovery…

It’s all about the feet

Whether you’re seasoned or a 10k newcomer, the two key things for good running are your technique and getting the right shoes.

With so many options available, knowing where to start with trainers can feel daunting. Check out this advice from Runners Need for choosing your ideal running shoes. It’s all about comfort.

Correct form and posture means you can enjoy your run and hopefully stay injury free. Check out this video from Global Triathlon Network on taking it back to basics and revisiting how to actually run.

Your Team Chestnut support

Whatever your goal, wherever you are on your running journey, whichever event you are training for, we’re here for you all year round!

You’ll find training plans below for every type of distance, plus you can engage with us and other Team Chestnut runners in lots of ways:

Strava Running Club:

Share your training runs and even find local running buddies. We’ll post events and challenges in here too. Join the club.

Virtual catch ups and training runs:

We host regular virtual catch ups via Teams, that are open to anyone to drop in. Keep an eye out for your next virtual catch up. Plus we’ll be looking to put more Training Runs. Watch this space.

Our Facebook running group

Chat with Team Chestnut runners, share your own hints & tips, and let others know what runs you’ve got going on.

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Training for your distance

What plan should I choose, what are my friends following, how do I become a better runner at that distance? There are so many questions around what will work.

Whether you’re a first-time runner, making a return to running, pushing for a PB, or looking to step up your distance, a good training plan will help you take it all in your stride. These plans are a great place to start whatever your goal:

Couch to 5k:

Designed for beginners to gradually build up their running ability to run 5km without stopping.

Up to 10k:

Whether you’re a 10k novice or looking to beat your personal best, here are a selection of training plans to help you along the way.

Half Marathon:

Tackle your first (or next) half-marathon with the help of these best hints, tips and training schedules.

Full Marathon:

So you’re training for a marathon? Coaches, experts and marathon greats share their tips on how to train like a pro.