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Whether you’re a running rookie or distance dynamo, there’s lots for you to think about when taking on a run. Here we have some handy hints that will help you to get race day ready and everything you need to get you moving!

Create your My Marathon Month routes

One of the great things about running, is that you can do it practically anywhere and anytime, just like with My Marathon Month. But how do you go about working out your route or routes depending on how your completing your challenge?

It’s not mandatory to mix up your runs, but if you’re aiming to do several runs a week you may want to vary things to not get too bored of the same sights, or indeed to find great new places to run.

This guide on creating good routes from Women’s Running will make you a master route maker.

Don’t overdo your My Marathon Month

Depending on how you’re planning to reach your My Marathon Month goal, you may be looking to do smaller daily runs. Whilst this of course breaks it up into bite-size chunks, you need to be careful of not overdoing it and pushing yourself too hard.

This article from Heathline will go through the benefits and potential risks of running every day and how best to fit a daily run into your day.

Running your My Marathon Month in the cold

We’ve already seen a mix of weather in December, going from bright skies one day to grey and gloomy the next. One thing that is for certain for My Marathon Month, is that it’ll be a little chilly.

But that’s not going to stop you. With the right gear and mindset, instead of succumbing to the lure of the indoors, you can continue to crush your runs. Check out these top tips from cold weather pros at Runner’s World.

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Your Team Chestnut support

Whatever your goal, wherever you are on your running journey, whichever event you are training for, we’re here for you all year round!

You’ll find training plans below for every type of distance, plus you can engage with us and other Team Chestnut runners in lots of ways:

Strava Running Club:

Share your training runs and even find local running buddies. We’ll post events and challenges in here too. Join the club.

Virtual catch ups and training runs:

We host regular virtual catch ups via Teams, that are open to anyone to drop in. Keep an eye out for your next virtual catch up. Plus we’ll be looking to put more Training Runs. Watch this space.

Training for your distance

What plan should I choose, what are my friends following, how do I become a better runner at that distance? There are so many questions around what will work.

Whether you’re a first-time runner, making a return to running, pushing for a PB, or looking to step up your distance, a good training plan will help you take it all in your stride. These plans are a great place to start whatever your goal:

Couch to 5k:

Designed for beginners to gradually build up their running ability to run 5km without stopping.

Up to 10k:

Whether you’re a 10k novice or looking to beat your personal best, here are a selection of training plans to help you along the way.

Half Marathon:

Tackle your first (or next) half-marathon with the help of these best hints, tips and training schedules.

Full Marathon:

So you’re training for a marathon? Coaches, experts and marathon greats share their tips on how to train like a pro.