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Whether you’re a pavement stomper, mountain hiker, countryside rambler or casual ambler, here’s everything you need to know to help you achieve your goal.

Where to walk

We are so lucky to live on the edge of a national park, be surrounded by beautiful scenery and have the amazing South Coast on our door step.

Since lockdown has eased our appetite for getting out and exploring on foot has increased. Have a look at these route from Walking Britain to see where you could go!

There are all sorts of distance options. No matter if you are training for an overseas trek or just wanting to get back out walking you are bound to find a route that suits you.

Trekking poles

Have you ever walked with poles? Are you considering trying them out or fancy learning some really useful techniques?

There is a great video from The Trail Hunter on how to do just that!

Lacing your boots

You may have spent a long time choosing the correct walking boot, making sure you got the right one just for you. It needs to be comfy, supportive, hard wearing. With many options to consider like being waterproof or the material it’s made from.

However, have you ever thought about your lacing? Did you just leave them laced up as the came in the box? There are quite a few options when it comes to laces to make sure you are getting the correct support in the right places. Are you getting blisters on the backs of your heals? Or do you feel your toes need a bit of extra wiggle room? It’s all possible with different lacing techniques!

Mountain Warehouse show you different options, have a look it could make your walk a more enjoyable experience.

Preventing and treating blisters

No matter how much preparation has gone into choosing your boots and socks, blisters always seem to find a way to appear. Blisters are simply caused by the friction between the skin on your feet, your socks and your boots as you are walking.

Check out this handy guide from Backpacker to help prevent them for happening and dealing with them when they appear.

Boots or shoes

Just like choosing the correct pair of shoes to wear with your outfit on a night out, you may need to have a think about the choice between walking boots or walking shoes.

There are so many options out there on the market, but which will work best for you?

When shops are back open it would be worth spending some time looking at what would suit you best.