Our care

Facing bereavement

We’re so sorry you’re facing the bereavement of your child. We’ll do all we can to help you for as long as you need.

How we can support you

As your child approaches the end of their life we’ll work with other medical professionals who know them to make sure that the care we give meets their specific needs. 

We can help manage symptoms, provide specialist medical support, and keep them comfortable either at home, in hospital or at Chestnut Tree House. We will be wherever is best for them and you.

Stars bereavement suite

Following the death of a child or young person we have a bereavement suite called ‘Stars’ that you are very welcome to use. This suite provides complete privacy for your family and includes a special bedroom for your child to lay at rest until the funeral in a supportive environment.

Stars can be used by any family following the death of their child, whether we cared for that child or not.

Ongoing care for your family

If you feel comfortable, a member of our team who knew and supported your child, can come to visit you and your family at home some weeks after the funeral.

They will check in with you and, if you’d like to, refer you to our bereavement team. They will be able to offer support in the way of counselling, bereavement groups, and play and creative arts therapy for siblings.

They looked after us at Chestnut Tree House for two weeks after his passing, they supported us and they helped us plan the funeral. But most importantly they made sure that we had time together.

- Quote from an anonymous parent

Information for families

We have lots of support on offer for the families and carers of the children we look after.

Families and carers