The Big Hoot is looking for sponsors

For the first time Chichester and Arundel will be getting an exciting, outdoor, family-friendly event, and your organisation could be a BIG part of it!

The Big Hoot 2024 art trail will unlock an incredible new audience of fun-loving families for your business to be front and centre of and engage in a unique way that displays your values and achieve your corporate social responsibility objective. But it's not just the art trail you'll be a part of; you will be directly supporting local children's hospice care across East Sussex, West Sussex and South East Hampshire.

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Meet our principal Partners, Rubix VT

"Walking into Chestnut Tree House felt very calm, very serene. I know the children who go there are coping with serious challenges, but it feels like the right place to help them. That day convinced me that we had to get involved. I’ve also enjoyed the other art trails in Sussex recently, so I jumped at the chance to be part of the first one to come to Chichester and Arundel." - Nick Poyner, Owner of Rubix VT

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Examples of sponsorship opportunities

Our charity corporate sponsorship packages include:

  • Sponsoring one of our magnificent owls. Your logo will be on your designated owl’s plaque and you’ll also get VIP tickets to our events.
  • Become a Principal Partner. You’ll get your logo on all owls as well as your own designated owl. PLUS we’ll give you a medium owl for your office or venue for your colleagues to enjoy and VIP tickets to our events.
  • Learner Programme Sponsor. Your logo will be on your designated owl’s plaque and you’ll also get VIP tickets to our events. Plus your opportunity to donate two small sculptures to a school or youth group of your choice, and your brand integrated into all Learner Programme materials.
  • Volunteer Ambassadors Sponsor. Your brand walking all around Chichester and Arundel for the summer on our volunteer t-shirts! Your logo will also be on your designated owl’s plaque and you’ll also get VIP tickets to our events.

How does The Big Hoot sponsorship work?

Download our Sponsorship Pack. You’ll find more details about The Big Hoot and our sponsorship options. Or get in touch with Fundraising Manager Alison who’ll be happy to talk through all the options for getting your company involved in The Big Hoot! Email: or call: 01903 871838

Image of a large colourful owl sculpture with a woman infront taking a photograph.

Why become a sponsor for The Big Hoot 2024

We've partnered up with Wild in Art to bring the art trail to West Sussex, they've had huge success running art trails for many years. the stats speak for themselves:


raised for charitable causes


participants who have enjoyed the trails


successful trails delivered

Advantages of supporting a local charity like Chestnut Tree House

Sponsorship of a local charity can be a great way for a business to give back to the community and to improve its bottom line. Here are some reasons why supporting a local charity is good for your business:

  1. Builds a positive reputation
    Supporting a local charity can help build a positive reputation for your business in the local area. When people see that your business is giving back to the community, they’re more likely to view your business in a positive light, which can lead to increased customer loyalty and brand recognition.
  2. Increases employee morale
    Supporting a local charity can also improve employee morale. When employees feel that their employer is committed to making a positive impact in the community, they are more likely to feel proud of where they work. This can lead to increased job satisfaction and productivity.
  3. Provides networking opportunities
    Supporting a local charity can also provide networking opportunities. By attending charity events and supporting local causes, you can meet other business owners and members of the community, leading to new business opportunities and partnerships.