Raising money for charity as a business

Easy ideas to get your workplace raising money for charity

From pub quizzes to karaoke nights, and raffles to bake sales, there are loads of simple but effective ways you can raise money in your workplace.

  • Charity of the year: Choose us for your charity of the year, set a fundraising target and we’ll help you run a full year of fundraising activities! Your organisation will benefit from positive PR, employee engagement and boosted morale.
  • Payroll giving: Payroll Giving is a flexible scheme which allows anyone who pays UK income tax to regularly give to charities of their choice, on a tax free basis. Find out more about Payroll Giving.
  • Match funding: For every £1 you raise your company will match it up to £200, or even more! Your organisation might already offer this initiative, or if not, why not suggest it to them – it’s a great way of bringing a team together.
  • Dress down day: A simple and effective way to raise lots of money quickly! Or why not turn it on it’s head? In our-post Covid-19 world where we’re used to seeing each other on Zoom meetings in our comfy clothing, why not try a ‘dress up’ day – with awards going to the most suited and booted?
  • Have a collection tin: The easiest way for your business to raise money is by having your own collecting tin. Get in touch and we can drop a collection tin off and arrange for it to be picked back up too.

Quirky ways to fundraise at work

Think outside the box for your next workplace charity fundraiser!

  • Role swaps: For one day only you auction off your job role to someone else – and you take on theirs! Not only a fun way to get to know colleagues you might not normally spend time with, it’s also a great initiative for your workplace to better understand the demands of each other roles.
  • 30 mins free: You and your team could commit to donating the last 30mins of your day’s salary to charity  for a week, with lots of you doing this all at once you can really make a difference!
  • Auction of promises – office edition!: You could commit to making the morning coffees for a fortnight, or giving up the good parking space next to the office for a week, you could auction off your skills at Photoshop and make everyone a snazzy Teams background. The possibilities are endless – ramp up the interest in your auction by promoting it on your work intranet, or send a few emails round.