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What’s it like to work here?

We're committed to creating lasting memories for families and young adults. For staff this means that every day is varied and incredibly rewarding as we get to know our children and families. People often worry that hospices are sad places, but they are vibrant and full of life.

What sort of roles are needed at the hospice?

We do all we can to provide the best quality support to children, young people and families. Making sure that our care is tailored to individual needs. To do this, we have amazing staff and volunteers, and a range of roles on offer. These are both within the hospice itself and in the community. They include specially trained nurses and care support workers who work with families in their own homes, and specialist nurses who assess children’s needs and give support and advice on things like managing symptoms.

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What our families say about our staff:

They are so friendly, knowledgeable and all-round amazing. They let Jack live his best life!

- Emma, who's son - Jack- is cared for at the House

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