By becoming a major donor and giving a gift of £5,000 or more you’re helping children with life-threatening illnesses live every day to its fullest. You’re supporting parents who desperately want to just be parents and not carers. And you’re supporting siblings to express themselves with other children in the same situation, who may have nowhere else to turn.

What can I expect as a major donor?

  • We pride ourselves on making meaningful relationships with our donors and we’re always happy to discuss what works best for you. You could donate to us as a one off gift, pledge over the course of several years, through the gift of stocks and shares or through a private trust. We’re here to support you.
  • Your support might help fund the daily costs of running the whole hospice or there are a range of projects that you can choose to support. We work with you to make sure that your donation helps where it is needed most.
  • We’ll always invite you to come and see the House and meet the staff so you can see exactly what we do and the impact of your support.
  • There’s also the opportunity to join us at one of our major donor events.

Get in touch today to discuss how your gift is going to make a big impact!

Your donations are essential in helping us maintain the services and high quality care for children and families. In light of the growing amount of challenges facing all health and social care services - including hospices - all donations are greatly appreciated.

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Smiling teenage boy satin a wheelchair in the gardens.

Where does my donation go?

We work with you to make sure your donation supports what you're interested in, or inspired by.

💛 £5,000 - Could pay for a day of fun, laughter and support at Chestnut Tree House for five children, plus an overnight stay in their own bedroom, allowing parents to get a full night’s sleep.
💛 £10,000 - Could pay for a whole day and night of all Chestnut Tree House care services. Giving 24 hours of support and love to those needing hospice care.
💛 There's always a range of projects that require funding, recent examples include: the renewal of the play park, the creation of a sensory garden and family activity days