Child with a tube out of their nose, eating a chocolate biscuit and smiling.

Our 21st Anniversary

21 years caring for children and families, how will you help us celebrate our very special year?

Thank you for all your generous support over the past 21 years. For over two decades you have helped to make children’s hospice care possible.

It’s been 21 amazing years of…

  • Adding life to shortened years.
  • Helping families create precious memories.
  • Supporting parents, carers and siblings.
  • Providing specialist end-of-life care.
  • Helping families to say goodbye, in the way that is right for them.

And looking to the future, with your help…

  • We will care for more children and young people in our local community.
  • We’ll aim to reach families who don’t know about us, but would benefit from our help.
  • We also want to provide even more fun for families, bringing parents and carers together and supporting siblings.
  • We’ll continue to provide emotional support for children, young people and their families and be there for teenagers and their families as they transition to adult services.

Fundraise your way

How you can support our 21st Anniversary

1. Choose what you're going to do: Put on your own special event, climb a mountain, hold a raffle... the choices are endless

2. Start fundraising on JustGiving, you can create your own profile to share with friends and family

3. Get in touch, we're here to help and support you with your fundraising any way you need.

Go to JustGiving

Make a donation

could provide a hand casts of a child to treasure after they've died
could give a bereaved family a therapeutic group session with a family counsellor
could give a child a fun day out, with all their medical needs taken care of
Image of a child at the house having fun and covered in paint

Chestnut Tree House over the years


£5 million appeal was initially needed to get Chestnut started - we now need £5 million every year to run our services


the number of children we cared when we first opened in 2003 - we now care for 300 children every year


The number of children we've cared for since we opened our doors