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Thoughts from staff, young people and family members. We’re covering a range of topics that we think you’ll find useful, plus inspiring stories and topics we’re really passionate about. You can find out more about what we do as a local charity children’s hospice – and current research and up to date advice.

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Two healthcare workers on a community visit
Our care outside of the House
Care doesn't start and end at the hospice! We're also proving services in family homes, and taking children for fun days out.
A young person and adult communicating with sign language
Total communication
Find out what Sensory Play is and how important it is for all children, especially those with life-limiting illnesses. PLUS a quick and easy playdough recipe you can make with your little ones.
Child playing with a try of toys
Sensory play explained
Find out what Sensory Play is and how important it is for all children, especially those with life-limiting illnesses. PLUS a quick and easy playdough recipe you can make with your little ones.
Chestnut Tree House gardens
Welcome to our gardens!
We are very privileged to have access to a beautiful outdoor space. Not only that, but we're surrounded by natural landscapes, much of which is largely undisturbed and living happily and naturally.
Having fun in Chestnut Tree House garden
What to expect when visiting a children’s hospice
We want you to know what to expect when visiting Chestnut Tree House, so that hopefully you won’t worry.
Becca photo
Living with a life-threatening condition
Becca is 22 and was one of the first people to receive care and support from Chestnut Tree House when we first opened in 2003. Here, Becca has kindly shared some of her thoughts about living with a life-threatening condition.
Tiger-Lily being a superstar
Tiger-Lily’s story
Vicky introduces us to her daughter Tiger-Lily. Since birth Tiger-Lily's needed round the clock care and ventilation due to a rare illness she was born with. Vicky tells us what her journey's been like and how the Chestnut Tree team have been there for support and care.
Andre on a day out with Chestnut Tree House
Andre’s story
Just like any 11-year-old, Andre loves music, going to school and spending time with his big sister, but unlike many boys his age he also has a life-shortening disorder called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.
Two images - one of baby Finlay sleeping and one of Gemma holding Finlay
Finlay’s story
“We weren’t ready to say goodbye and the team at the hospital knew that. They searched for a local children’s hospice where we could go, and they found Chestnut Tree House.”
Montage of Faith as a baby
Faith’s story
“At least half of our favourite memories with Faith are all because of Chestnut Tree House, either at the House or at a community event.”
Image of a baby with a tube coming from her nose
Tia’s story
“The Chestnut Tree House team were fantastic at looking after Tia. They helped us make some last memories with her; she had chocolate for the first and last time and went swimming.”

Our family stories

Read our family stories to see how Chestnut Tree House has impacted the lives of so many. All have come directly from our wonderful families who have shared their experience of caring for a child with a life-shortening illness.

Family stories

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We provide hospice services to children and young people across East and West Sussex and South East Hampshire. Every year we support 300 children with life-limiting conditions to live their lives to the fullest. From day trips out and activities at the House, specialist care in their own homes and providing families with short breaks and support.

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