Image of a child looking into the camera and giving a big thumbs up

Fundraising ideas for under 16s

Thank you for choosing to fundraise for children with life-limiting illnesses.

Raising money for charity is far from boring, there’s so many cool ideas you can try! We’ve put some ideas together to help you put the FUN into FUNdraising! Before you know it you’ll have raised enough to make a real difference to the lives of children in your local community.

Did you know, even if you raise £20 your donations could be used for:

  • A selection of arts and crafts materials, so families can have fun together and make precious memories.
  • Giving a child the chance to feel like a pop star for an hour in the music room singing and playing instruments with a member of the Activities Team.
  • Materials so a family can create hand casts of their child to treasure after they have died

Don’t forget to ask for your parent or guardian’s permission before you start organising your fundraising, and why not get them in to help you as well? They’re likely to love it too!

Donate or sell your old toys or books

Have a look through your old toys, games or books and see which ones you no longer use, or hold any sentimental feelings either. Double check with your parent or guardian if you can sell them at a car boot or garden sale. Or try going digital and ask them about using an online platform like Facebook Marketplace or Ebay.

If it’s stuff you’re not using anyway, why not make a bit of money to boost your fundraising? You can also give your items directly to one of our charity shops, we’ll sell the items and all money goes to the hospice. We know you’d sometimes like to donate your toys directly to the children we care for, but unfortunately we can’t accept most toys – find out why here.

(Top tip! Always check with your parent of guardian before selling or donation anything as you wouldn’t want to accidently donate a family heirloom!)

A great gift for your birthday

If it’s your birthday coming up you could ask your family and friends to donate to your fundraising instead of presents. Ask an adult to help you set up a JustGiving page to help you fundraise then they can donate directly to your good cause online! Easy!

If you’ve not got a birthday coming up then you could always do the same for Easter, Christmas or any other special occasion.

Do some chores

Ok… bear with us on this one!

We know extra chores might not be on the top of your to do list, however if you could ask your friends and family if they have any tasks around the house that they need doing, and get them to pay towards your fundraising. You could help with some gardening or clean the windows, anything that helps someone out!

Or, go really big and offer to clean up your local park or beach or even your local neighbourhood and ask for donations on the number of rubbish bags you can fill up.

Guess the amount

A school-fete classic! Just fill a jar to the brim with jelly beans or smarties and then ask people to guess how many there are in the pot. Everyone pays 50p for a guess and the person who gets the closest wins the jar.  Don’t forget to count them when you put them in though!


Get sponsored for how many books you can read in a month and ask for a donation per book.  It’s a great way for you to learn new things while fundraising. Make sure you read them thoroughly as you could get questioned!

Or – you could also take on a mega game-a-thon if reading’s not really your thing! Check out our information on Gaming for Good to see how to get yourself set up. (Remember – to check the age limit and that you have permission from your parent of guardian first – live streaming sites like Twitch have an age limit and you’ll need to be 13+ )

Get your rolling pin out!

Everybody loves baked goods, and you can create delicious cakes and cookies in large amounts for not very much money. Ask your teacher if you can bring them in to sell. It’s a  win- win! Your classmates get snacks and you get donations.

Top tip: make a note of all your ingredients, so people with allergies know if your baking is suitable for them!

Sponsorship by distance

If you’re taking on the Mini Mile why not ask people to sponsor you for the distance you’re running. There are 1610 metres in a mile and if someone gave you a penny for every metre you’re running –  you would get £16.10!

Don’t forget all the pennies add up and every penny makes a difference.  Whatever you can raise and however you do it, remember you’re amazing. So don’t delay get going have FUN and start FUNdraising. 😊