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There are so many ways you can get involved and support Chestnut Tree House


Mega March Hospice Quiz

During March, we are asking pubs, clubs and organisations across Sussex, to take part in the Mega March Hospice Quiz challenge and help raise vital funds for Chestnut Tree House.


The amount of involvement is up to you. You could just run your normal pub quiz night or put on something special, the choice is yours. All we ask you to do is show your support during March.

How can you get involved

It’s easy – you choose what you would like to do!

  • Alongside your normal quiz night Run a raffle /ask for donations/make an additional charge.
  • Hold a special Mega March Hospice Quiz night?
  • Have a collecting box for the month?

What we can offer you in return

  • Promotional material (e.g. posters and flyers).
  • Promotion of the event on our website and on social media.
  • Charity publicity materials including balloons banners and collections boxes.
  • Certificates for those taking part.

Mega March Hospice Quiz is an initiative being organised by Friends Of Sussex Hospices. For more information about Mega March Hospice Quizzes across the county and information on the work of Friends of Sussex Hospices, please visit their website.

Top tips for running your own Mega March Hospice Quiz

  • It’s a charity event to raise funds so you can charge a reasonable amount to take part.
  • Sell tickets in advance rather than on the night.
  • Combine the quiz with a supper – curry or bangers and mash are always a favourite.
  • Advertise the event. We can help promote your quiz on our website and social media.
  • Don’t forget prizes for the wining team, bottles of wine are always popular.
  • Raise a little extra with a raffle or a game of heads and tails. Ask everyone to put £1 into a glass on their table.  Appoint a caller who asks everyone to stand up and put their hands on either their heads or tails.  On the toss of the coin, those who guessed correctly remain standing.  Carry on until one person is left standing and wins a prize.

Sign up now!

For more information about taking part in the Mega March Hospice Quiz challenge please contact us or click here to fill in our online registration form.