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Preparation for any type of event

No matter what the challenge is, preparation is key! Get it right and it will help to make your experience all the more enjoyable and memorable. Sometimes knowing where to start can be the biggest challenge, so here’s some advice to get you event-ready.

And breathe…

You are all signed up for your adrenaline event, whether that’s a skydive, bungee jump, wing walk or abseil. However feeling nervous and excited all at the same time is perfectly normal.

The key is to use your nerves and turn them into positive energy, to relax and enjoy the moment. This is a challenge of a life time and it’s going to be amazing.

Learning how to control your breathing before you take on a challenge like this can be really useful, it can help to settle your nerves, calm your mind and make the whole experience more enjoyable. Have a look at this guide from Mind Body Green and see if it can help.

The importance of recovery

You did it! You’ve just been out for that training run, you enjoyed a really nice walk and have managed to get those miles in, or you just had an amazing session at the gym and are feeling great!

Do you let your body recover after a work out? Do you want to but are not sure what’s best? It is so important to let your body recover from any exercise and make sure you take the time to do so.

We love a rest day! Start your road to recovery with this blog from Anytime Fitness.

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